Selected Sound Design

Chernobyl (HBO and Sky Atlantic, 2019)

Full series

As part of the EMMY-winning* sound editing team behind HBO and Sky Atlantic’s Chernobyl (2019) at Boom Post, my role included designing the complex and multi-layered footsteps (or ‘live feet’) throughout the show, which called for evolving acoustic perspectives and numerous unusual walking surfaces, such as collapsed buildings, cavernous, debris-covered hallways and creaky stairwells. I also edited much of the Foley (physical gestures, interactions, movements etc.), notably in some of the more graphic scenes which convey the devastating effects of radiation poisoning, and the claustrophobic passage where the scuba divers descend to the reactor. Some of my work can be seen in this short video.

Montage edited by Artem Birdman (Art of Visual Orgasm).

* EMMY for Outstanding Sound Editing For a Limited Series, Movie or Special, awarded for the Chernobyl episode, “1:23:45” (2019)

Bastard Assignments’ S/M/L concert series

Promo video

Using only audio that I recorded (with a compact portable recorder) at the event, "S/M/L: S," I created a stylised and atmospheric sound design that incorporates on screen and abstracted elements. I included audio recordings of each performance; manipulating and layering them in such a way to create a complementary blend of sonic texture that evolves coherently with the narrative of the video.

Video by Cian Brennan.

St Mungo’s Wake Up to Homelessness campaign

Promo video (pre-music)

I created the subtle and multi-layered sound design for this promo video from scratch, knowing there would be a musical accompaniment added to it later. I didn't have any sound from the set or guide track to work with; the video was silent when I received it. Each gesture, movement and breath is a Foley recording or combination of Foley recordings (performed by Foley artist Rebecca Glover) which I recorded, edited and mixed. To add a natural sense of space, I added room tones and external atmospheres using a series of stereo location recordings which were captured with a compact portable recorder. Certain aspects of these location recordings were aligned to specific shots for pathos (for example, the use of distant church bells ca. 0:52 is intended to throw into sharper relief the loneliness of the character's situation).

The finished video, which includes an additional music accompaniment, can be viewed here:

Video by Alice Trueman.
Foley performed by Rebecca Glover.
Foley recording and sound design by Paul McGuire.

Selected Music: Ambient and Discordant


Untitled Piece for Dismantled Grand Piano

For dismantled grand piano (2 performers)
Commissioned by ddmmyy (London, UK).

For an interview about the commission, click here.

Performance by Paul McGuire and Jack Sheen.

For 6 electric guitars, 6 acoustic guitars and 2 acoustic bass guitars (12 performers).

Awarded 1st prize for the “Pablo Wendel – Performance Electrics” International Composition Competition (to read more, click here).

Selected Music: Emotive



For electric guitar and Max/MSP patch (1 performer).

For electric guitar, piano, 2 violins, viola and cello.