Below are two examples of my sound design work. The first is a re-imagined and entirely diegetic sound design for a visceral, '80s "body horror" clip, while the second — a commission for a concert series promo video — is a more stylised example, which blends variously manipulated audio recordings of the musical performances documented in the video with diegetic elements.

Example #1: New Sound Design for a Clip from The Fly (1986)
My role: sound designer, foley artist, recording and mixing engineer.

Video excerpt taken from David Cronenberg's The Fly (1986).

  • I completely removed the original audio track and created a new sound design from scratch.
  • No stock sounds or sample libraries were used; every sound was performed, recorded, edited and mixed by myself in my home studio.

Example #2: Promo Video for Bastard Assignments' S/M/L Concert Series
My role: sound designer, recording and mixing engineer, ident designer.

  • Using only audio that I recorded at the event, "S/M/L: S," I created a stylised and atmospheric sound design that incorporates diegetic elements.
  • I included audio recordings of each performance; manipulating and layering them in such a way to create a complementary blend of sonic texture that evolves coherently with the narrative of the video.
  • In addition, I created the ident at the beginning of the video.

Video by Cian Brennan.

For more information on the concert series, including a list of the performers, click here.